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Missoula Time Bank / Inter-Trade

The Missoula Time Bank is now global! The new service is called Inter-Trade. Our wonderful hOurworld software now includes the capability to exchange with all the other hOurworld time bank members. This extends our reach to approximately 15,000 members. There is a menu button Inter-Trade to access inter-trade offers and requests when the member logged in to the hOurworld site. The search function on the Inter-Trade page is the best way to find Inter-Trade offers and requests.

No offer or request is made available to the inter-trade community unless a member specifically allows it by clicking on the blue and white world icon. Activiting the intertrade button will allow members of other time banks to see the offer, so we can pick and choose which offers and requests are more widely available.

Here are some instructions. Thank you for your patience as we learn this together.

Contact: info@missoulatimebank.org - (406) 210-9805

Contributing to a prosperous Missoula community.

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