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Missoula Time Bank in a Nutshell

The Missoula Time Bank is a service exchange which uses the currency of time rather than dollars. Time Banking is based on a circle of exchange, where one service is traded for another, and another, and another. All services are valued equally. The Time Bank’s focus on reciprocity means that each person gives and receives. Each person is respected and valued for what they have to offer.

Time Banking is about building community and enhancing each other's lives. The Time Bank's core values are assets, equality, respect, redefining work, and reciprocity.

We are excited to exchange with you,
Missoula Time Bank team

Core Values:

How the Time Bank Works:

The Missoula Time Bank works with the hOurworld.org website. MTB members create a personal profile on the website, post requests and offers, keep a running statement of their trades, and indicate satisfaction with their trades. 

Using the hOurworld website:

  1. Create and update your profile under the Account tab. The more information you provide, the more other members will be interested in trading with you.
  2. Scroll through the Home page to look at recent Announcements, and Offers and Requests. This is a great way to know what is going on in the MTB Community. You can also post Announcements for events or urgent trades.
  3. Explore Offers and Requests and add your own. Looking at what others have offered or requested is a great way to spark ideas for your own exchanges.
  4. Contact people you are interested in trading with.
  5. Explore your Statement, so you are familiar with how to keep track of hours.
  6. Remember to record your trades under the Hours tab.
  7. Happy trading!

Membership Responsibilities and Courtesy Rules:

Member's Rights:

Tips for Happy Trading:

MTB Policies:

Time Bank Mission:

If you are interested in helping MTB please contact us.

Contact: info@missoulatimebank.org - (406) 210-9805

Contributing to a prosperous Missoula community.

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